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Best Places To Visit In Chicago

As a travel expert Kendra Thornton has had the pleasure of traveling and learning about places around the world. Today, she lets us know there is no place like home and sharing her favorite places here in Chicago.

Hotels With A View
To say that Chicago has a beautiful skyline would be a vast understatement, for it is wondrous. It is hard for words to describe the way the lights of the city illuminate the sky and it is a breathtaking sight to see. This is true whether you are an urban or a country person. When in Chicago, make the experience memorable by staying in a hotel that is within the city limits. You will be able to explore a number of things at your own pace as many activities are within walking distance.

Great Places To Visit In Chicago Field Museum - TodaysMama.com

Entertaining Adventure
One of my most favorite places is to visit with my children is the Field Museum. This museum, which is on South Lake Shore Drive, is a fantastic place to explore. It does a wonderful job of combining recreation and education together. The end result is that my children are active and learn at the same time. There are permanent and traveling exhibits to see. One permanent exhibit is on dinosaur fossils, which is truly memorable.


Great Places To Visit In Chicago Sculpture Park

Fascinating Sculptures
At the Skokie North shore Sculpture Park, visitors and residents have plenty of sculptures to observe. Take a walk on more than two miles of paths in the area and view a wide variety of sculptured creations. This is a place that the whole family will enjoy. This fabulous location is across from the Chicago River’s north channel and is on McCormick Boulevard’s east side.

Great Places To Visit In Chicago RL Restaurant Dining In Style
With the weather in lower temperatures, I like to head over to RL, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Some people know this restaurant as the Ralph Lauren restaurant, and it is next to the Polo store that is the largest one in the world. This establishment, which is on North Michigan Avenue, has an American-themed menu. When I am dining there, my favorite food is the tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. This lunch keeps me feeling warm during the colder weather.

 Chicago, as one song put it, is truly a wonderful town. I am proud to live in this city that has so many things to see and do. I love to take my husband and children all over the place and see familiar and new things. I would not live anywhere else in the world.

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