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Facebook Freebies: The Newest Marketing Pitch

Would you like to receive a bottle of free shampoo in the mail simply by filling out your address?  How about a coupon for a gallon of free milk?  Although it seems too good to be true I’m here to tell you that it’s not and it’s simply the tip of a very large iceberg that is the Facebook Freebie Phenomenon.

Realizing that the Facebook market has grown rapidly to over 400 million active users since it’s inception in 2004, companies want a piece of that pie and cashing in with offers of free things.

It’s simple really: A company offers a free product; you sign up and receive it in the mail.  Sure it’s a big upfront cost for them but if they’re giving away 10,000 of their product for free and creating a buzz, it’s way cheaper than the old lines of advertising.  Even though it’s a high costs initially they’re banking on return buyers and people spreading the word.  Instead of just signing up for the freebie yourself most companies offer the option of “posting it to you wall” in the hopes that you’ll do just that thus telling all your circle of Facebook friends about this new product they can try.  To cut costs down a lot of companies will offer a certain quota of the freebie and when that’s gone the deal is done which is why it’s good to be in the know when they come out.

So, how to grab some of these and find out what’s free? As well as covering the ones I find on my website, I too have a Facebook page and although I’m not giving away free samples per say, I do guide you to the latest freebies as soon as I find them so check it out here and get your mailbox stuffed with some fun Facebook freebies:!/pages/edit/?id=138178299093

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