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RECENT PINS $35 Worth of Food for 2 Bucks!

I was introduced to through a couple of friends and am loving the discounts on eating out. The bottom line is, you can buy gift certificates there for half or a third of the cost of what they’re worth and eat out for way less. When you’re on a tight budget eating out is nearly impossible but these guys really help lessen the costs.

The way it works is really simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your zip code and the mile radius you want it and it gives you a list of participating restaurants.
  3. Some of the certificates are worth $35, some $25.  But, you don’t pay that.  You only pay $10!
  4. The conditions are that you have to spend a certain amount. That amount is between $35-$50.  So say you buy one for $25, you just have to spend $10 more.  But, you didn’t pay $25, only $10, so you get $35 worth of food for $20!

The best thing about it?  They’re always running specials which make the gift certificates less in the first place.  For example right now if you type in “COOK” the gift certificates are 80% off, down from $25 to $2.  So instead you get $35 worth of food for $12!  Pretty cool huh?

The other cool thing? You print it straight from your computer and can go out that night!

I love and right now save 80% by using the code, “COOK”.  Good through 3/31/10.

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