She bought diapers for 20 cents a pack and earned the applause of the cashier checking her out and prompted her friends to ask her to start a website. Her family of 3 lives on a weekly grocery budget of $50 including diapers and toiletries. She often gets food items for free by putting in an hour of couponing a week and doesn’t remember the last time she paid for shampoo or toothpaste by using coupons. Over the past year Clair Boone’s website and money saving tips has helped thousands of people all over the US save $100s of dollars and now she's got a new blog to show you more tips and tricks.

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One Turkey, 5 Different Ways: Roast Turkey

Growing up I always marveled as my Mum effortlessly cooked a turkey for Christmas or popped a roast in the oven. As I got older I thought like many of friends that it looked pretty difficult until I realized how cheap it was. Items on sale will motivate me to try a bunch of things including cooking a roast turkey dinner and I’m here to tell you – it’s super easy especially with Betty’s help!

Even though there’s a bunch of recipes online that appear daunting I simply: Roast uncovered 4 to 5 hours, brushing with pan juices every 30 minutes, until thermometer reads 180°F and juice of turkey is no longer pink when center of thigh is cut.

We love hosting dinner parties in our house and therefore I like to have a couple of hams or turkeys in our deep freezer that were bought for less than a dollar a pound. The first thing I do with them is plan a big roast dinner. Now, hold on a second before you think it’s going to cost a fortune! That’s why it’s good to buy on sale. You may not eat it that week but grab it from the freezer, invite some friends over and enjoy a roast dinner. Here’s what I did:

Roast turkey: Around $10 for 18#. We ate about 6# worth between 4 adults and 3 kids. Total cost: $3.33

Potatoes at $.99 for 5#. We used 2# or around $.40

Beans – $1.49

Biscuits – around $.40 during a recent Jewel sale.

Gravy – Made from turkey juice and a little cornstarch ($.10)

Final Cost: $5.72 for 7 people

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